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Owner - Summit Crest Construction

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Rich had the stand-alone idea of becoming an entrepreneur. Rich has determined to better his future for his family. His traits were shaped by humble beginnings. Success doesn't just happen, it's built! It's built with passion, a superior work ethic, commitment, and sacrifice. Those key components in conjunction with the guiding principles that Rich established in the beginning, are the foundation upon which he has built a successful business. He is a licensed general contractor in the State of Washington and is a longstanding member of the Central Washington Home Builder's Association. He has been building and developing in the Yakima Valley for over 35 years and has a wide array of building experience. Building custom homes, spec homes, commercial properties as well as commercial renovations, several subdivision developments, condominiums, and investment properties; including duplexes, triplexes, and townhomes. Rich is always looking for the next promising parcel of land to develop. 

Getting to Know Rich

Rich started his family in the Yakima Valley and still resides in Yakima. Rich and his wife, Rita, raised their children in a strong Christian home and has held his family to the same values, morals, and standards that he holds himself to. When his children were growing up, Rich spent a lot of time volunteering at Riverside Christian coaching, fundraising, and mentoring youth. In the Winter, Rich can be found skiing and snowshoeing. In the Summer, he enjoys boating, waterskiing, and tournament fishing. Above all, quality time with his family is the most important gift and his greatest joy. 

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Rich Hochrein

As a business owner, 

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Rita Hochrein

Max Hochrein

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