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Owner - RCH Investments

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Rita is a Registered Nurse, specializing in ICU, CCU, and surgery. This is where she found her love and passion for helping people. Although she doesn't actively work as an RN today, she continues her training. In 1985, Rita and her husband and business partner Rich, established RCH Investments, a local family-owned rental and property management company. Rita manages and owns close to 100 rental properties locally, including West Valley, Terrace Heights, and Selah. She prides herself in her company and the relationships that she has built with her tenants and the joy they bring to her life. In fact, Rita can be found helping elderly tenants with yard work for the sole purpose of a smile and conversation. 

Getting to Know Rita

Rita grew up on a ranch in Oroville, CA and was raised horseback riding along with hunting and fishing. She relocated to Washington and later met her husband Rich and started a family. She is a longtime resident of the Yakima Valley. While raising her children, Rita worked part time allowing her the ability to volunteer as a nurse at her children's school, Riverside Christian. She also volunteered mentoring children at camping retreats, fundraising, as well as tutoring students. As her children got older, Rita found herself with more free time, In her free time, she loves to travel and experience different cultures. She will always make time for her garden. 

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Rich Hochrein

As a business owner, 

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Rita Hochrein

Max Hochrein

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